Network Vision

The benefit of blockchain lives in its function. By bringing together companies drawing on the same standards to execute their business processes, blockchain makes non-competitive business functionality easier and more efficient, so companies can focus their resources on their core missions.

We have a vision of a blockchain with strong cross-organizational functionality for partnerships fueled by an advanced network and tools where all contractors adhere to set standards but avoid the problem of vendor lock-in.

The BuilderChain Network was born out of these ideas. Now, as the industry adapts to the demands of meeting evolving track and trace regulatory requirements, this vision is becoming a reality. The network is expanding, and Chronicled is continuously incorporating industry feedback to ensure that industry goals and requirements are realized.

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Network Map

The BuilderChain Network is set to launch commercially in Q1 2019.

MediLedger Network Map

Network Principles

  • Decentralized network with participants running nodes
  • Each participant owns their confidential data
  • Only public data and transaction proofs go on the blockchain
  • No central administrator, only a network manager
  • Business transactions are peer to peer
  • Architected for resiliency, performance and scalability
  • No single point of failure
  • Not a centralized blockchain as a service
  • Industry specific use cases

Network Policies

As the network evolves, the goal is to transition to an industry-owned foundation that oversees the network to ensure it serves the industry’s needs.  Part of this process is to establish network IT policies, and our current working group is assisting in this area. If you want to participate, please contact us about joining.

Get Involved in BuilderChain

BuilderChain Network Overview


  • Nodes owned and operated by industry participants - deployment supported by Chronicled Network Team
  • Private and consensus clients
  • Consensus (Blockchain) client
    • Use Parity client (enterprise Ethereum fork)
    • Proof of Authority consensus
    • Multi access smart contract
    • Multiple smart contracts for business protocols



  • Docker containers
  • Kubernetes
  • Automation for network participants to  quickly deploy nodes


  • On-Premise
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform


  • VRS solution with nodes deployed on US East and West Coast in AWS
  • At 200 transactions per second traffic latency observed between a manufacturer and a distributor was:
    • Same US Coast - 110 msec
    • Different US Coast - 360 msec

High Availability

  • Multi region and multi availability zone deployment for multiple clouds
  • Deployment across public clouds and on-prem infrastructure
  • Use Kubernetes replication technologies


  • At each layer of stack including blockchain, API, middleware, infrastructure
  • X509 certificates for P2P messaging
  • Multi access contracts for blockchain access
  • Permissioned access
  • Network secured using VPNs for cloud deployments and firewalls and DMZs for on-prem
  • Security by design

Developer Resources

  • MediLedger Github (coming soon)
  • MediLedger Protocol Primitives (coming soon)
  • Network Portal (coming in October)

Network Ecosystem

Private nodes

Businesses and Enterprises

  • Ultimate beneficiary of the services
  • Private data (i.e. stored locally)
  • Peer-to-peer-confidential messages
  • Connect to blockchain via consensus nodes
  • Verify validity of peer messages on blockchain
  • Change state of business processes on blockchain
  • On-premise or hosted
  • Self-managed or managed by Service Provider
consensus nodes

Industry Solution Providers

  • Deliver value-added services on top of the network
  • Work with specific customers
  • Their service requires industry collaboration and participation
  • Offer blockchain connectivity to Private Nodes
  • Collaborate to enforce cross-industry business rules
  • Store only public data and mathematical proofs of the process state
network health

Network Manager

  • System acess and identity management
  • Software version management
  • Node operator SLA management
  • Capacity and performance
  • Financial management

Technical Industry Members

  • Shape business rules and protocols on network
  • Establish software standards
  • Oversees operations of network manager

Network Onboarding

We are currently on-boarding leading Pharma Trading Partners and Solution Providers. If you are interested, please contact us.