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The BuilderChain Network is founded on open standards and specifications. Any industry firm or Solution Provider can integrate into the network and benefit from network participation.

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Construction Trading Partners

Companies that participate in the shipment of medicines will benefit by being in the BuilderChain Network. The first phase, going live in October 2018, will allow companies to to request and respond to product identifier verification requests. Work is underway for additional functionality. For more information, see our Solutions page.

Pharma companies have a few options to participate in the network:

  • By establishing a connection through their existing Solution Provider, or choosing a provider from a list of registered providers (still being finalized - contact us for participating providers)

  • By developing private client functionality in-house using the open specifications, and choosing a consensus node host to access the distributed ledger

  • By running a consensus node in the network and integrating the private client functionality

Please note: Construction companies do not need to run a consensus node to participate in the network, and most probably will not. We anticipate the desire to do so would only be attractive for companies that generate a large number of transactions. We encourage companies to join our working groups, focused on establishing governance and solution design. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.


Solution Providers

We believe this is the best approach for companies to access the added value services that the blockchain can provide.

We are happy to provide our specifications to Solution Providers to incorporate into their existing services. The open specifications allows them to plug-in their products into this GS1-compliant ecosystem. The exchange of messages becomes a simple task over the network. The extensibility of the platform will also allow Solution Providers to create new business solutions that leverage the network infrastructure.

Options for Solution Providers to participate in the network include:

  • Running a consensus node and incorporating the private client functionality into their existing offerings

  • Running a private node and sending customers transactions to a consensus node hosted by someone else

All Participants in the BuilderChain Network are known parties and need to go through an onboarding process to confirm identity and establish associations with company prefixes, etc.

All Consensus Node Operators will have a separate onboarding process to ensure their business standing and their supporting the Pharma industry.



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